Voting Rights

Did you know that in Washington State having a sex offense conviction does not take away your right to vote? Our laws have changed!

We are often asked if people with a sex offense conviction are allowed to vote.  In Washington State, the answer is YES!  The law changed in 2022 giving us the right to vote.  Unless you have another reason for being prohibited from voting (such as age or citizenship status), your right to vote has been restored once you left the “Total Confinement” of prison.  House Bill 1078 was passed in 2021 and automatically restored voting rights to citizens with past felony convictions immediately upon their release from prison. Although some legislators attempted to insert amendments that would have excluded people with a sex offense conviction, the bill’s sponsors were able to protect their bill and no “carve outs” were added!  This means that people with a sex offense (including people on Lifetime Supervision) are able to vote once they are outside of prison.  To learn more, visit the WA Voting Rights Restoration Coalition.

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