Theory of Change

Our elected officials make the laws that we must live by. This does not mean that we have to accept these laws as status quo. We can help change them!

The Problem

Sexual harm is far too common.  Many of us are victims.  We understand the need to address this harm.  Unfortunately, politicians have focused their response to sexual harm through ever increasing punishment.  This is misguided and does not support victims.  We believe that prevention and healing should be prioritized over punishment.  Lawmakers need to learn the truth about the impacts of our current laws.  Long prison sentences, Lifetime Supervision, and law enforcement registries actually cause more harm.  Targeted and exclusionary laws lead to public shaming and banishment and have been determined to DECREASE public safety.  We believe it’s time to change these laws!

The Solution
All successful Civil Rights Movements have won by growing their grassroots membership… by helping change ordinary people’s perceptions about an issue… so that eventually a handful of supporters become a large, powerful force. With over 22,000 people required to register in Washington State… with our family members… with our friends… we have over 100,000 people impacted by the registry!  It is time for us to work together… to change the narrative… to educate our elected leaders about the harmful impact of our current laws.  Large groups of people help change laws all the time.  If you stand with us… if you support our mission… if you believe in #SecondChances4All…  Will you join our grassroots movement?

Support Our Mission?

If you support our mission, please consider supporting our work financially.  We are a 501c3 Nonprofit organization (EIN: 85-0742960) and donations are tax deductible.

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