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The LSRP (Lifetime Supervision Relief Project) is a program of WA Voices that brings together individuals who are directly impacted by having a sex offense conviction in WA State that requires Lifetime Supervision by DOC. The LSRP is a voluntary support and advocacy group and should NOT be confused with a therapeutic SOTP group which is required by the courts and DOC. Due to the nature of this group, only individuals who are ON LIFETIME SUPERVISION are allowed to join this support group. If this describes you, we welcome you to join us by sending us an email to: hello [at] wavoices [dot] ORG letting us know: 1) your full name, 2) which DOC office you report to, 3) your cell phone number, 4) a brief statement letting us know that YOU ARE ON LIFETIME SUPERVISION in WA State.
If you are NOT on Lifetime Supervision, but are interested in our work, we welcome you to join our community by sending us a brief email asking to “Join the Community.” Please send your email to: hello [at] wavoices [dot] ORG.

Thank you for your interest in helping us to restore the health, hope, and humanity of those experiencing the ongoing consequences of a sexual offense conviction.

Our LSRP meetings are held online via Zoom. A phone-in option is available for individuals who are unable to use the internet or who might prefer this method of communication. Zoom links and dial-in numbers are sent to our members via email the day of each meeting.


About WA Voices:

Informally founded in 2016, our grassroots organization is led by those impacted by the sex offense registry in Washington State. By unifying our voices, we intend to change the harmful narratives that drive our current sex offense laws. Slowly-but-steadily, we are building a civil rights movement to overcome the harmful effects of failed and harmful policies such as registration, lifetime supervision, and shadow prisons. Ultimately, we need policies that prevent sexual harm, provide healing to victims, and welcome all people back into their communities.

Our Mission:

“Through education and advocacy, Washington Voices seeks to prevent sexual harm while restoring the health, hope, and humanity of those experiencing the ongoing consequences of a sexual offense conviction.”

Our Values:

Abolition, Accountability, Community, Courage, Equity, Health, Hope, Humanity, & Prevention.

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LSRP Group