The following information is provided for educational purposes and does not constitute an endorsement for or against the proposed legislation. We encourage all members of WA Voices to educate themselves about proposed legislation and carefully consider the possible impact the legislation will have on our community members.

2023/24 WA State Legislative Bills




Concerning labor and income of incarcerated persons.
Supporting crime victims and witnesses by promoting victim-centered, trauma-informed responses in the legal system.
Protecting minors from sexual exploitation.
Concerning deception by law enforcement officers during custodial interrogations.
Concerning solitary confinement.
Concerning the duty of clergy to report child abuse or neglect.
Resentencing of individuals sentenced as a persistent offender.
Concerning the membership of the sentencing guidelines commission.
Concerning adult protective services.
Concerning persons convicted of violent offenses with firearm enhancements.
Concerning civil remedies for unauthorized disclosure of intimate images.
Concerning legal financial obligations.
Improving access and removing barriers to jail-based voting.
Concerning the release of incarcerated individuals from total confinement prior to the expiration of a sentence.
Concerning the repeal of resentencing provisions for individuals sentenced as a persistent offender due to a robbery in the second degree conviction.
Reclassifying the sentence for the crime of custodial sexual misconduct.
Concerning postconviction access to counsel.
Concerning victim notification.
Concerning money received by the department of corrections on behalf of inmates from family or other outside sources for the purchase of commissary items.
Concerning reentry services and supports.
Concerning solitary confinement.
Concerning limitations in parenting plans related to parental conduct.