Many do not know it is possible to thrive with a sex offense conviction. Numerous barriers to success are erected that serve no one. They get in the way of doing the real work of restoring both society and our lives.

As a society, we change when individuals join together and write a new story. The old story is that those convicted are not capable of new behavior. We, who have experienced change, know this to be false. All individuals are capable of change, through commitment and with support of family, friends, and community. Let’s write a new story and tell the world what is possible.

There is hope

Change is possible—for individuals and society.

Washington Voices is a non-profit organization led by those impacted by sex offense legislation. Through advocacy, Washington Voices restores the health, hope, and dignity of those experiencing the ongoing consequences of a sexual offense. We envision a world where healing from harm is possible, where people can be open and honest about harm done, and where communities are restored.
We have work to do. Let’s do it. Abuse is real, and pervasive. Our current reactions to it destroys lives, the possibilities for restoration, and pushes abuse into the shadows. It’s time to get real about sexual abuse, do what works, and let those who don’t believe us know the truth.