Town Hall: October 24, 2021

Criminal Sentencing Legislative Task Force

Joanne will provide an overview of the discussions occurring in the Criminal Sentencing Legislative Task Force. The Task Force was established by the legislature in 2019 and is composed of legislators, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, judges, law enforcement, representatives from DOC, people representing the interests of crime victims, people representing the interests of the incarcerated, and people representing the interests of the formerly incarcerated. The task force was created to review state sentencing law and to make recommendations to the legislature.


Joanne will describe the recommendations the task force put forth for the 2021 legislative session and the conversations occurring in the Sentencing Grid Work Group and Sentencing Alternatives Work Group that focus on topics relevant to our community, i.e. sentencing, supervision, alternatives to incarceration, and failure to register offenses for people convicted of a sex offense.